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Speed out of control, Liberal treats: LETTERS

Speed out of control


Obviously speed is out of control and not controlled on Highway 400 between Barrie and Toronto.

A few months ago I drove done to Toronto twice, four transits of this stretch.

They are idiots!

Not just the huge chunks of metal, but everybody is five feet off your tail, in any lane, even if you are doing 120 kilometres an hour in a 100 km/h posted area.

I saw not one OPP car in all four drives.

I used to drive Highway 401 and down the 427 and back every day for work, when I lived in Toronto. Next to this craziness now on this stretch of Highway 400, that was nothing.

Colin Fields


Liberal treats

The Liberals seem to be in the Halloween spirit by giving out pre-election candy in the form of announcing $15 billion in new spending over the next five years, including an increase to Canada’s child benefit.

But as every parent knows, candy needs to be carefully examined for harmfully substances. In the Liberals’ case, that harm is higher interest payments in the future as they punt deficit reduction down the road.

But, as long as they’re making even a drunken sailor look frugal, why not increase our Official Development Assistance (ODA) budget?

This wasn’t even mentioned in the last budget. Our ODA is equivalent to 25 cents out of every $100 of national income. In the last two years our real ODA has had declined by 10% largely due to the cost of the resettlement Syrian refugees in their first year in Canada. Despite being a laudable endeavour, it should not come at the expense of long-term, sustainable development initiatives such as education.

The Global Partnership for Education (GPE) works with its partner countries to create national plans to provide a quality inclusive education.

A successful $3.1-billion replenishment round for 2018-20 would assist 870 million children in 89 countries. Canada is being asked to pledge $260 million over three years, but there are only so many way to slice our shrinking ODA pie.

Without new money, we will soon run out of Peters to pay Paul.

Meanwhile, kids watch out for handouts containing suckers.

Stephen St. Denis