South Simcoe Police are looking for witnesses to a collision that occurred on Wednesday.

Man pulled a knife: police

BRADFORD - A 42-year-old Bradford man is facing several charges after police say he threatened someone with a knife during a dispute.

The devastation from the Barrie tornado on May 31, 1985. EXAMINER FILE

Sharing tornado tales

A week from this Sunday is May 31. If you lived in Barrie in 1985, that date, near suppertime, is frozen in your memory. It's right there with where y

West Nile fight begins

Barrie is again declaring war on standing pools of water and the skeeters which breed there to control West Nile virus.

Children left alone

An Innisfil woman faces child abandonment charges after four kids were left in an unlocked vehicle, with the keys in the ignition, in downtown Barrie.