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Not addicts by choice: LETTERS


(Re: 'Pot legalization wrong' letter to the editor in the Sept. 26 edition of the Examiner)

To begin with, I don't know how this person is in any position to judge these people. Obviously, he must have been hiding away someplace from the real world and hasn't been seeing what is going on.

Whether this person knows or understands it or not the majority of people in life have a crutch because it is a tough world to live in. Some people turn to religion, some to drugs, some to alcohol, some to cigarettes, some to food, and on and on and on.

Fortunately, many of them can take their crutches in small doses, but some of them can't become addicts. And yes, I have known people who have become addicts to religion and they weren't pleasant people.

Addicts aren't addicts by choice; it is a mental-health issue and a sickness. Addicts have minds that control them and they don't have the strength to overcome that control.

Contrary to many beliefs, marijuana is not a gateway to anything anymore than a bottle of beer is to an alcoholic or a cigarette is to a smoker, to the normal person.

Addicts are not normal people; their brains tell them they are going to be addicts, like it or not, and they don't realize it until it is to late.

So back to the drug issue. Drugs are like terrorism: they are unstoppable. Prohibition didn't work and trying to keep people away from drugs won't work. People will always get what they want no matter what we do. We spend billions of dollars on drug enforcement that doesn't stop anything.

Take a look on the internet regarding Portugal, where they decriminalized all drugs and addressed it as a medical issue instead of a criminal issue. Give people the help that they need, give them the drugs they need that are clean and not full of poison, and give them the help that they need to get off them. That country's drug-use rate fell at a very large rate and it continues to fall.

For you to blame this issue or the understanding of this issue on Prime Minister Justin Trudeau is just an excuse for you to blame someone. Trudeau understands the issue, it is unfortunately people like you that don't.

Hopefully, the government of Canada, whoever they may be, will move on further with this issue and get their heads out of the sand and put the wasted money to a better use. We, as a country, need to help and support these sick people and not look down on them.

Paul Clark