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Take a deep breath on EQAO results: LETTERS

(Re: ‘Math scores way down’ in the Sept. 21 edition of the Examiner)

I’d like to make a couple of simple points about the recent reports of lower math scores in the EQAO testing, as people are apt to panic about things like this.

First, everyone take a deep breath.

While the lower math scores are of concern, schools are working to address the problem.

It will take time, as it’s not obvious exactly why the scores are dropping.

Usually, problems that take time to arise take time to fix.

Second, Canada is doing extremely well compared to other countries. As an example, see Sean Coughlan’s recent BBC News article titled, ‘How Canada became an education superpower’, in which he details how very well we are doing compared to other countries and why.

In particular, we’re doing very well in ensuring that poor children have as much chance at a good education as wealthy children.

The difference in test scores due to socio-economic status in Canada is 9% while in France it’s 20% and in Singapore, often cited as one of the best in the world, the difference is 17%.

So yes, the drop in math scores is a cause for concern, but that’s being addressed, and compared to others, we do very well.

Don Philip

Severn Township

Leaders needed with priorities in order

Prime Minister Justin Trudeau supports legalized marijuana.

Progressive Conservative Party Leader Patrick Brown does not believe in living-wage jobs and a fair minimum wage.

Ontario Premier Kathleen Wynne’s main concern is putting wine in corner stores.

NDP Leader Andrea Horwath promotes women’s rights, not equal rights.

Is it any wonder Canada is regressing as a nation with regard to helping a growing number of Canadians climb out of poverty?

We need leaders with priorities in order.

None of the above come close.

Rick Lockman