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More to Canada than just government: BRASSARD

John Brassard

John Brassard

Even if you’ve never voted Conservative before, you probably know that Conservatives support lowering taxes, but maybe you don’t know “why” we support lower taxes.


We believe there is more to Canada than just government, and this belief is at the core of the positive Conservative vision we’ve been sharing with Canadians all summer.

When we keep payroll taxes low, it helps the young worker looking to get their first job and start their career.

When we keep taxes on small businesses low, it helps those companies invest, expand, and hire more workers.

When you cancel tax cuts on small businesses, as the Liberals did in their first budget, it comes at the expense of those looking for work.

Justin Trudeau’s attitude towards small business was made pretty clear when he said: “A large percentage of small businesses are actually just ways for wealthier Canadians to save on their taxes.”

I think most Canadians reject this narrow view. We understand small business is the lifeblood of our economy accounting for over 70% of all private employment in Canada.

We believe in giving these entrepreneurs a chance to grow our economy and create jobs, not burdening them with more red tape and taxes.

But the Liberals’ backwards agenda doesn’t stop there. With federal spending at an all-time high, they are looking to pass the bill to someone else with tax and user fee hikes for the everyday Canadian taxpayer.

And it’s not just on the obvious expenses; their approach amounts to a tax on everyday life.

By 2022, Trudeau’s carbon tax will increase the price of gasoline by 11 cents per litre, making getting to work or taking the family on a road trip a lot more expensive. Increased fees for campsites, fishing licenses, public transit, kids’ sports and passports are also a part of the plan; so is continuously increasing taxes on beer and wine.

Life is also about to get harder for seniors who will make up 25% of the population by 2029.

Previously, senior couples who were ineligible for the Guaranteed Income Supplement (GIS) under their joint income were able to reapply for GIS under their individual income if the couple became involuntarily separated.

However, the Liberals have quietly issued a new directive that will disqualify many seniors from GIS eligibility in the future.

Moving forward, seniors will be evaluated based on their combined income despite living apart and any additional costs that separation brings, such as long-term care costs.

This outrageous policy will put countless seniors and the children and grandchildren who care for them under undue financial stress.

Supporting our seniors is just not a priority for the Liberals.

Conservatives know that the programs we all value and the social supports for our most vulnerable all depend on a strong economy and we understand that we can’t borrow and spend our way to prosperity.

A lower tax rate for businesses, families and individuals is the best way to create opportunity for everyone.

This is what Conservatives believe in and what we will continue to fight for.

John Brassard is the MP for Barrie-Innisfil and deputy opposition whip.